Here is a list of all the services we offer our clients!

Stewart Architecture is a full service Architecture Firm operating out of Lexington, KY. 

This is where the project begins! Working with the Architect, the client shares their project ideas, needs, and goals.

This stage of the design process is when the Architect begins creating preliminary design ideas, sketches, and concepts based off conversations with the client. The client’s requirements and budget are considered throughout this process.

After a schematic design is approved by the client, the Architect can begin to develop a clearer picture of the final project. Additional cost estimates help determine whether or not the design fits within the preliminary budget and if any adjustments need to be made.

This phase is a continuation of the design development phase where working drawings and specifications are developed. These documents are what are required by local municipalities in order to obtain building permits.

The Architect acts as an advisor to the client during construction. Architects make on-site visits to ensure construction is proceeding in accordance with the construction documents. Another role of the Architect is to approve that the materials and workmanship meet acceptable standards.

As-Built drawings are a set of drawings developed by the Architect that represent the current conditions of a project. We visit the field, take measurements, and then develop them into drawings that can be used for future work.

Site planning involves assessing a potential site for development. Site analysis methods are used to consider current site conditions such as slope, topography, vegetation, site orientation, hydrology, etc. All of these are considered to determine the best locations and design a structure that works within the site.